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Easter thoughts

With Easter fast approaching we find ourselves wondering how we are here already, it seems like Christmas was yesterday! With Dad focusing on home restorations over the last couple of months and spending many an hour up a ladder or on the tower scaffolding I have been running the ship. As i look out of the window at the rain I am convinced the sun is on it's way. Today see's the arrival of a pair of ships lights, a parallel rule and an RNLI barometer soon to be listed on the website. We are talking of fairs and shows that are coming up now as we haven't been at any over the winter and it will soon be time to be stalling out at one. WATCH THIS SPACE! Business has been sporadic and we grow a regular customer base for specific items. We have Charles Millers' maritime sale this month alongside Henry Aldridges' Titanic sale so we will be watching to see whats flavour of the month!

I am enjoying watching the first seeds bursting through in our polytunnel at the allotment and enjoying the quiet of nature when I am not in the office. One of my daughters decided our Easter treat should be 'Tree surfing' at Tavistock yesterday and I survived it! Other daughter not so impressed! Son not even entertaining the idea!

Mothers still writing and currently in the process of getting her fifth book published called 'Crocco and Mr Noodlenutt', her imagination is endless!

My brother is back in the UK today after crossing the Atlantic for the first time and spending the last month in Tortola, BVI's.

So we shall all be getting together and having a roast together for the first time since January. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend with you and yours! Suze

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