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Definitely summer!

The last few weeks have been glorious for us here in Devon. The folks have been enjoying sun downers in the garden and getting away for the odd day or two. Dad's sister came to visit for the Coronation and many a strawberry was eaten, not from the allotment but they are putting in a good crop now!

Dad enjoyed the Navy beating the Army for a change at the annual rugby game at Twickenham but had to drive because of the train strikes.

My youngest has her last GCSE on Wednesday so no doubt will celebrate in style. My middle daughter is off on Wednesday for a summer of Camp America in Pennsylvania, so good to get travelling when you're young. My son is missing the weekly Liverpool football games and has to watch Manchester City win everything!

Business is steady. We've seen a few pieces in stock for less than 24 hours and out the door again - a Queen Rum barrel and a pair of Aga buoy lights, infact I don't think the lights even made the website! There's no rhyme or reason to what we sell, we never know what is going to be bought next. Sometimes theres a trend but not lately. We have people buying gifts as leaving presents for mariners, collectors and some people just treating themselves. We haven't seen a diving helmet lately, plenty of knives up for grabs, a few lights, some patch boxes and scrimshaw. Dad's currently restoring a rum barrel so watch this space.

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