A high quality print of the 'Victorian' - Allan Line New Steamers, with protective overlay, no need for glass in a black wooden frame. 


Built in 1904 at Belfast, Ireland by Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd.

RMS Victorian was an ocean liner of the Allan Line, built for service between Britain and North America. The liner was launched in 1904 and was the first large civilian ship propelled by steam turbines. Victorian was in service for almost a quarter of a century, and was broken up in 1929.

The Victorian and her sister ship, the Virginian were the first triple screw North Atlantic liners, they had 3 steam turbines delivering 15 000 shaft hors power, giving them a speed of 18 knots. The hull was built in steel , they had 3 decks and passenger accommodation for 346 passengers first class, 286 second class and 1000 passengers steerage.


Print measures 77cm x 58cm.



    'Victorian' - Allan Line. Framed print

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