Superb pond yacht named SWIFT carved from a solid piece of wood.

Its history is that it is from Stevens model dockyard and dated to circa 1888.

Stevens's Model Dockyard was a company which made and sold models, toys and parts for modellers in Aldgate, London and established in 1843. The name of the company implies that they may initially have supplied ship models to the Admiralty, like Clyde Model Dockyard and the original Model Dockyard. The name used by the company appears to have changed several times over the years. "W. Stevens the Model Dockyard", "Stevens' Model Dockyard", "Steven's Model Dockyard" and "Stevens's Model Dockyard" have all been used.

She measures 147cm from end of bow sprit to stern. 26cm wide and from floor to deck. Total height 159cm.











    Stevens model dockyard 1880's pond yacht

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