A scratch built model of an R.N.L.I 41' Watson twin screw motor life boat. Mainly wood construction with deck and cabin fittings in a perspex case with wooden base, measuring 54cm long x 25cm wide x 29cm high. Actual boat 41cm long x 13cm wide approx. There were a total of eighteen lifeboats of this size built, thirteen between 1931 and 1939 and a further five between 1948 and 1952. A really beautiful model, I have not seen another one like this. The 41' Watson was designed for service at stations which required a larger and more powerful boat than the standard carriage launched types, but which could not accomodate the larger Watson types through boathouse or slipway constraints. These boats could carry sixteen people and were of a non self-righting displacement hull design.



    Scratch built R.N.L.I model

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