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A rare set of seven turned bronze English Royal Navy Imperial measures all stamped 1826. These measures are those used by every City, Town or Borough Council up until the early part of last century. The Gallon is marked and the other measures are half Gallon, Quart, Pint, half Pint, Gill and lastly half Gill. All are stamped with the crossed anchors symbol of the RN Victualling board and the George 1V cypher on the top rim. The only damage to any of them is a slight nick in the top of the half Gill measure. The firm R.D Vandome and Co, london, dates back to 1660 as makers of Weights and Measures. These Admiralty ones would have been used in the rum ration for checking the standard measures used in every ship and shore base at home and abroad. I imagine rather like the Council sets there would not have been many sets per area, one or two for every home port and likewise abroad. They are certainly very rare and are only the third set I've had in 20 years. I never saw a set in the previous 20 odd years whilst in the RN. 

Rare Vandome RN Grog/Rum measures

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