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No. 370.

An Art deco scrimshaw lamp base made with two large Sperm whale teeth mounted on bakelite. Fabulous workmanship from a good hand. The base tooth with images of a Sperm whale, Narwhal, Minke whale and a Humpack to the other side. These whales were all hunted in the whaling industry of centuries gone by. The upright tooth called 'Stove by a Whale' shows a whaling ship with a smaller rowing boat alongside a caught whale. The reverse image is the ship steaming home after the catch one would imagine.

Total measurements of base are 15cm x 9cm, from base to top tooth 23cm and to the top of the shade 40cm. The bottom tooth measures 14cm x 7cm. The top tooth 17cm x 7cm.













    No.370 - Art Deco scrimshaw lamp base

    SKU: 2187
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