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 No. 319.

A unusually large tooth measuring 17cm x 6cm x 5cm and weighing 620g

To the front we have a cartouche surrounded by foliage with two swans and a harp and the wording 'Allegory to Goethe 1832'. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a German writer and statesman, he died in 1832.

To the reverse in a plaque style cartouche with fine foliage the wording 'Bark NIMROD of Sag Harbor. Charles T Dering'. In the 19th Century Sag Harbour, New York was renowned for whaleships leaving its port, Nimrod presumably one of these. Charles T Dering was a whaling firm owner working out of Sag Harbour in the 1800's.

    No.319 - Large tooth. Goethe 1832 and Nimrod, Sag harbour.

    SKU: 2494
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