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A Fijian Tabua aka a sperm whale tooth on a hand made coconut fibre sinnet cord used as a necklace. The Tabua is attached by a hole made at the tip and base.


This Tabua has a short cord and I can't make out any scrimshaw on the tooth which measures 16cm x 6.5cm. The tip is chipped and the cord is worn just past the middle (see images)


In Fiji beautifully polished whale teeth are known as “tabua.” They hold a potent spiritual value. They are considered sacred, hence the name “tabu-a” [tabu = sacred]. Traditionally they come with a braided sinnet cord attached at tip and butt.

Tabua were a social necessity. They were ceremonially presented on all formal occasions. Their acceptance by a chief bound him morally and spiritually to another party or a desired course of action. This usage continues today.


    Fijian Tabua

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