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This elegant female figurehead dressed in classical dress with headband and matching belt is undoubtedly of the finest quality,and probably sat proudly on the bow of a very fine 19th century sailing ship or private yacht of some renown. An exhibit with identical Japanese fern carving to the base, is held in Bembridge Museum (I.O.W.) and is almost certainly the work of John Edwards a fine ships figurehead carver from Port Madoc in North Wales. He worked from mid to late 19th cent and is listed in various books as a well thought of carver as can be seen by the work here. She has been restored by a leading Figurehead specialist who has never seen a finer specimen! Her outstretched arm is detatchable to prevent damage at sea , and denotes again her fine quality. These detachable arms were carefully taken off on leaving harbour and stowed in a purpose built box ,it is indeed lucky that this one has stayed with the figurehead as they are usually missing.

Female Figure Head

SKU: 0034
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