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Dartmouth pottery famous Gurgle jugs.

4 Plymouth Gin and 1 Lady Diana and Prince Charles commemorative.

From right to left in the image we have 

1) Dark blue in colour throughout impressed in white lettering 'PLYMOUTH GIN' to the gill and 'THE SPIRIT' to the base on the front. To the reverse 'PLYMOUTH GIN' to the gill and 'OF THE WEST' to the base. This is to read around the base - 'THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST'. Impressed to the bottom 'DARTMOUTH. DEVON. ENGLAND'. Stands approx 23.5cm high, 14cm wide and 8.5cm deep. £45

2) Pale blue in colour throughout including the writing. Other details as above. £45

3) and 4) Greeny blue in colour throughout. Impressed to the gill 'PLYMOUTH GIN'. On the bottom they have individual numbers stamped 1 and 3 respectively. £45

5) Moss green in colour throughout. To the front impressed on the gill 'ICH DIEN' '29 JULY 1981' and to the bottom side 'LADY DIANA'. (Ich dien German, meaning 'I serve'; the motto of the Prince of Wales, adopted with the crest of ostrich feathers after the battle of Crécy (1346). To the reverse side gill  impressed 'ICH DIEN' '29 JULY 1981' and to the bottom side 'PRINCE CHARLES'. Stands 18.5cm high x 12cm wide x 7cm deep. £55 - please get in touch to buy this one as it is £10 more! We can send a paypal invoice or you can pay by card over the phone.


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    Dartmouth gurgle fish jugs, Plymouth Gin and Lady Diana

    SKU: 2849
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