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A stunning pair of wooden carvings in the form of a male and female dressed in Toga style clothing. Undeniably of age, with each figure having a metal eye to the back for fixing. Each figures right hand is forming a circle with the thumb and index finger. Research suggests this hand sign has been used since the fifth century. It's general meaning is of love, happiness and perfection and this is what we would summize this means. Their origin is unknown to us but we think they are a stunning pair and couldn't refuse buying them. Made of oak or possibly teak which makes us believe they are not of eastern origin, but most likely European. In fine condition throughout. They measure approx 4 foot high by 3' 6" wide each. They are priced as a pair. They weigh around 50kg each.



    19th Century figure carvings - male and female

    SKU: 3197
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