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A roll of signal flags dating around the 1930's.  

Heavily stitched with a leather trim all around. The front brown side has sewn in a circle 'THE INTERNATIONAL CODE OF SIGNAL FLAGS' - now very worn. To the bottom of this side it is stamped WOLFFS  SOUTHAMPTON. The reverse side has 20 flags housed in pockets with the flags identity stitched to each pocket. V is not the flag it should be and  has a blue triangle with a red dragon instead. Down the middle section it is has written instructions on how to signal with the flags. The bottom has three bigger pockets with 'ENSIGN',  'SIGNAL BOOK' and 'BURGEE' stamped. The ensign and book are present but unfortunately the burgee is not. A real piece of original history nearing 100 years old. Measures 101cm x 42cm.





    1930's roll of Signal flags

    SKU: 2750
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