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A gilded bronze medal commemorating Lord Horatio Nelson and HMS Foudroyant.

To the Obverse  the bust of Nelson, cocked hat with diamond aigrette and uniform with epaulettes.  The legend reads  'HORATIO, VISCOUNT NELSON. BORN, 29TH. SEPTEMBER, 1758 . DIED, 21ST. OCTOBER, 1805.' Along the edge: 'REGD. NO. 311420.' To the reverse is a view of the Foudroyant at anchor from port quarter. The legend reads '"FOUDROYANT." LORD NELSON'S "FLAGSHIP."' Below: 'MEDAL STRUCK FROM COPPER OF VESSEL AFTER BREAKING UP. COMMENCED BUILDING, 1789. LAUNCHED AT PLYMOUTH, APRIL, 1798. WRECKED AT BLACKPOOL JUNE 16TH. 1897.' Measures 38mm diameter.













    1897 Lord Nelson commemorative coin

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