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World War II ephemera relating to Gladys Pollaris. There is a printed certificate awarded to Gladys Pollaris by the British Government for helping sailors, soldiers and airmen escape or evade capture in occupied Europe. A circa 1880's/90's butterly compass on a chain (30cm) with a butterfly as the compass rose and nice detail to the surround of the glass. One side of the glass has two cracks in it. This compass was given by Gladys to an RAF pilot she helped escape and returned to her after the war. An envelope with 5 black and white photos of Gladys and her daughter. An embroidered fabric purse 22cm x 13cm. More images available please ask. I have been in contact with a gentleman who has shared a lot more information about this lady and the story. He had done some extensive research and has information to tie up the events, names and info. He has agreed to be contacted to talk further about it. I have his name and number !

World War 11 ephemera - Gladys Pollaris

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