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A superb pair of 19th Century bronze cannons with tapered and flared barrels with ring turnings. On later wooden carriages. The barrels are 32"/81cm long, the bore 1 1/2" / 4cm, 5" wide at breach, 3" at narrow end and 4" on the flare.These Cannon were sold in 1999  via a London auction for  £3-5000, we think nearer the  £5K. They weigh about 40kgs each,  There is a 70 on the end of each Trunion and a small W and A on the last reinforce at the underside breech end.  Having owned a few Cannon I doubt you would find another pair as nice as these, they rarely turn up.  The last pair similar to these I went after made £8300 in auction. although they did have good provenance. Added images at the end of the new trunion caps.



Pair of 19th Century bronze cannons

SKU: 2413
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