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Here we have a newly made properly Coopered Grog Tub, made to the same standards as a Royal Navy one but with the option of a tempered Glass top to use as a Coffee Table. The Letters and Acorn are Ex RN from the Royal Dockyards. It looks in the picture to be virtually straight sided but this is because the pictures are taken looking down on it but there is actually a 4" difference in diameter from top to bottom. This size of Barrel would have been from a fairly large size of ship bigger than a Destroyer but less than a Aircraft Carrier. The measurements are Diameter at the top 54cm (21.25") the Bottom is 64cm (25.25") the Height is 66cm (26") + the Acorn which is about 8cm (3.1/8 ) inclusive of the extra bush to allow for the glass. There are 4 discs of leather to make up the thickness of the Brass star to glass, not shown in the picture.

Grog Tub Coffee Table

SKU: 1054
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