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A brass and teak submarine compass with carrying handle known as a 'Faithful Freddie' recently polished. Painted wood mock metal compensating balls and an RN  Patt 0188A/No.3043.HS compass with Fleur de Lys marking.  Alot of these Faithful Freddies were sold off after the war and lost their iron balls, partly because the fisherman using them didn't need such precision. The other end of the electrical component is what you cans see wrapped in fabric in one of the images. Stands approx 46cm tall x 43cm wide x 209cm deep.

First introduced by the Royal Navy in 1909 for the tight spaces of the conning tower in a  submarine or on a landing craft. The two viewing windows, one with small shutters designed for secrecy when using the compass at night.



    Faithful Freddie submarine compass

    SKU: 3070
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